Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me (2018)

Written by Frank McGuinness and directed by the cast

Role: Adam

Performed at Burdall’s Yard, Bath and Lion and Unicorn Theatre, Camden

Based the experiences of Brian Keenan and John McCarthy who were held captive by associates of Hezbollah in Lebanon in the 80s, Frank McGuinness’s 1992 three-hander sees Englishman, an Irishman and an American locked up together in a cell in the Middle East. As victims of political action, powerless to initiate change, how do they live and survive?

Normal (2018)

Written by Anthony Neilson and directed by Joshua Rennie

Role: Justus Wehner

Performed at Burdall’s Yard, Bath

“Bill Ashbridge gave a masterful performance as Kurten’s lawyer. His transformations were captivating to watch, handled with abundant proficiency as his character was exposed to increasingly troubling confessions.”
Joshua Lambert,

Peter Kurten, the Düsseldorf Ripper, has been caught and is awaiting sentencing for nine murders. It’s the job of Justus Wehner, his young lawyer, to prove his client’s insanity and thus save him from execution.

The Night of the Iguana (2018)

Written by Tennessee Williams and directed by Max Barton

Role: Wolfgang

Performed at Ustinov Theatre, Bath

Lusty defrocked minister Lawrence Shannon is a tour guide in Mexico. Leading a tourist group from a Baptist women’s college, he finds it difficult to avoid acting on his attraction to Charlotte, the young niece of the group’s leader, Judith Fellowes. When Fellowes swears to ruin him, Shannon strands the bus at a hotel to seek advice from the manager, an old friend. Over the course of one night, the alcoholic Shannon spirals out of control.

Bassett (2018)

Written by James Grahams and directed by Bob Gwilym

Role: Leo

Multi-cam project

“I cast Bill in the major role of Leo. I found Bill to be committed, intelligent and his characterisation of the mixed-up class bully was a powerful engine for the play as a whole.”
Bob Gwilym, Director of Bassett

Locked in at lunchtime by a teacher who has had enough, the students of Citizenship class at Wootton Bassett school are frustrated. Outside, only yards from their confinement, a repatriation of fallen British soldiers is happening along the high street, as it has over a hundred times before through this quiet Wiltshire town. But this one is more personal than most. As their confinement grows more claustrophobic, the pupils begin to see things differently.

The Borrowers (2017)

Written by Mary Norton and directed by Lee Lyford

Role: Pod

Performed at The Egg Theatre, Bath

“A wonderful energy to have in your rehearsal room, [Bill] offers his creativity endlessly and generously to all people and elements of a production. He is an actor who brings rigour to his process, working in depth within an emotional landscape, Bill brings detail, nuance and sensitivity to all aspects of his work and performance.”
Kerry Irvine (Director and Producer at Bath Spa University)

Quick, clever and only four inches tall, The Borrowers live happily under the floorboards of a huge house. Bold young Arrietty dreams of exploring the big blue-skied world above their cosy home. But when she finally does, she’s spotted by a frightening ‘human bean’ Arrietty, Pod (her Dad) and Homily (her Mother), Homily are thrown into peril. Will the tiny family escape before it’s too late? And are they ready for their greatest adventure yet? 

in the pipeline

I have a few things bubbling away right now, soon to be announced with more detail:

As well as several auditions that went well recently (fingers crossed), I have just finished work on a new Netflix series, due out in 2020…